What is the educational background of your teachers?
Here at CC’s we support the continuation for learning both inside and outside of the classroom! All of our teachers have Early Childhood Education units. In addition to Early Childhood Education courses, all of our teachers are either completing their degree or have graduated with their bachelor’s degrees in education, AA degree, or maintain a CDA Teacher Permit. We also welcome students from our local colleges and universities as interns. These students need volunteer hours related to child development for their practicum courses. So, it’s typical to have aides and assistants assigned to multiple classrooms throughout the year.
How can I learn more about CC’s Learning Center Inc.?
If you haven’t found what you are looking for on our webpage, we would love to know! Our webpage is designed with families in mind. This is the best place to find out as much information as you can. But, if you still have more questions after viewing all of our tabs- please feel from to call, email or just stop by! We are open Monday through Friday, our phone number is 714-671-6970, our email is CCLearningCTR@hotmail.com. We prefer to schedule family tours, to ensure we have undivided time to answer all of your questions. You can also find CC’s Learning Center Inc. on all social media platforms as well!
How safe and secure is CC’s Campus?
We value the safety of your little loved ones sooo much! And therefore we go above and beyond to make sure all current health and safety regulations are being met at all times. Currently, we have a full security system in place with coded entry and cameras monitoring the parking lots and all outdoor spaces. Only the families of enrolled students have the access to the main gate. The gate code is changed often to uphold tight security regulations. In addition to all those safety precautions, all our teachers are CPR and First Aid certified. We also require that all our staff (interns, therapists, ABA, teachers, aides, ect.,) have a current criminal background clearance check from Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI.
When does CC’s Learning Center Inc.’s school term start and finish?
We are a year-round school and can enroll families at any point in time during an academic year. Class openings just depend on our current class size, as we support small class in all our programs. Here at CC’s we begin our academic school term in August and end in June. We follow the BOUSD Elementary School Calendar for all school closures, start and end dates. Although, keep in mind we are open for summer. Our summer program begins when our academic year ends. During summer we plan fun and exciting events to keep your little one engaged, learning and most important having fun!
What are the tuition payment options?
We have biweekly and monthly payment options available. Parents can adjust their payment plan as it fits for them. We accept cash, check, and major credit cards. CC’s Learning Center offers parents an open contract that allows for a two week notice of change in days or end in program. Once registered parents gain access to our automated Brightwheel sytem, this allows making payments so quick and easy.
Is CC’s Learning Center Inc. full time only?
CC’s Learning Center is open from 6:30a.m.-6:00p.m. Monday through Friday. You can drop off and pick up your child anytime during those hours. Our full-time fee is a flat rate and is not based on hours of care. As for part time please call to see if there is availability, as space is limited in all our classrooms. Part time children share a spot, and this usually means one family attends three days of the week, while the other attends two.
Does CC’s Learning Center Inc. offer a lunch program?
Yes, we do. CC’s offers an amazing homemade meal daily! We have two choices; to enroll in our monthly lunch program will be $60.00 per month, or if you choose a drop in rate it is $3.00 per day, in which orders must be placed in advance.
Does CC’s Learning Center Inc. have an after-school program available?
Coming soon- expected to start Summer of 2024! As of now, we do not have an After School Program. Our license is currently for Infants to Pre-K. However, in the meantime we can offer you great advice regarding some programs around the area.
Can parents come into observe the class?
Absolutely! Our Open Door Policy allows for parents of enrolled students to come in and observe their child’s classroom at any time. We encourage parent support and assistance as much as possible for those who can. If you are interested in volunteering, please speak with the director to gain more information on the requirements to do so!
How ready are CC’s students for Kindergarten/ TK by the time they graduate?
CC’s Learning Center Inc. prides itself on being academically challenging and developmentally appropriate for our students. We align ourselves with the Brea Olinda School District and California Common Core Standards to assure our students are ready for Kindergarten!
Is CC’s Learning Center Inc. accredited?
CC’s Learning Center Inc. networks with the following amazing organizations: PITC, BOUSD, CSUF, FJC, CalWorks, QRIS, Children’s Home Society, and more!
Are you currently enrolling students?
For questions on current enrollment opportunities for your child, please call us at 714-671-6970 or email us at CCLearningCTR@hotmail.com. We will ask for your desired start date, the child’s Date of Birth, and a phone number to contact you regarding a possible opening. During that time, please feel free to schedule a tour and come see our school. Because we are such a small school, we enroll students on a first come, first serve basis, we do not offer a wait list, however we will place you on a call list to let you know if any open spots are available. Come and check us out, see what all the buzz is about!