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Welcome to CC's Learning Center Inc.

At CC’s Learning Center Inc., we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and engaging environment for children to learn, play, and grow.

Our center is designed to encourage active participation in various educational and social activities, ensuring that each child’s unique needs and interests are met. From arts and crafts to story time and outdoor play to science experiments, we offer experiences that promote creativity, problem-solving, and socialization.

What We Do Programs We Offer

We believe that children learn best when having fun, which is why our programs are developed to be educational and enjoyable.

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Infant Care

We provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for babies

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Toddler Program

We develop creativity, self-esteem, and curiosity in children.

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We help children understand the world around them.

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More Programs

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

CC’s Learning Center Inc. wants all children to feel confident and secure to grow in a stimulating educational environment. All children are supported by a knowledgeable, caring, and supporting team that continues their educational development through many training, workshops, guest speakers, and frequent discussions amongst each other. CC’s Learning Center Inc. team is encouraged to visit other programs, take additional classes related to child development, and strive to increase and challenge their knowledge in the educational field. At CC’s Learning Center Inc., we all strive to explore, experiment, and discover!

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