Passionate and highly qualified faculty and staff

At CC’s Learning Center Inc., we take the safety and well-being of your children seriously. To ensure that your child is in the best hands, we only hire dependable and dedicated individuals who prioritize your child’s safety above all else. Our faculty and staff members have undergone rigorous training and are knowledgeable about lifesaving techniques in the event of an emergency. You can rest assured that your child is always in safe hands. To meet them in person, please send us a message.

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Ms. Michelle Serna, Director

I graduated from CSUF with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Child and Adolescent Development. During my career, I have completed over 180 hours of volunteer service in the education field. Along with volunteering, I have performed numerous observations at centers located throughout Orange County area. I attend meetings on a regular basis with Children’s Home Society of California, QRIS, CPIN and The California Department of Education. With these meetings I continue my education and devotion to my love of learning in the child development field. After my BS, I earned my Administration Credentials through Mt. San Antonio College. I have also completed my Associate Degrees through Mt San Antonio College as well. I have two Associate degrees, one in Arts and Humanities and another in Social Behavioral Studies. My current goal is to be a professional and well-educated Director at CC’s Learning Center, servicing as many families as I can. I am passionate and devoted to making a positive imprint on our community and it starts with one family at a time. As once quoted, “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects- Dalai Lama”.

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Ms. Wendoline E., Office Manager

Hello, my name is Wendolinne Escamilla, Wendy for short. I’m a native Spanish speaker with a commitment to provide a positive impact on children and help them understand the world around them through play and educational experiences, while offering strategies to make learning successful and enjoyable for all learning styles. I’ve been working with children of various ages for a little over 7 years in different settings as a dance instructor, a camp counselor, an activity coordinator, a youth mentor, and a preschool teacher. In addition to my passion for teaching, I also have an undying love for the arts and culture and will try to incorporate this into lesson planning. I’m excited to join CC’s learning center and can’t wait to share my passion with everyone here!

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Ms. Isabel L. Butterfly Classroom Teacher

about janine

Ms. Janine C. Ladybug Classroom Teacher

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Ms. Ofelia A., Preschool Teacher Ladybugs

Ms Ana

Ms. Ana H., Office Assistant, Teacher Aide

Ms Jessica

Ms. Jessica G., Infant Room Teacher Cocoon Class

Ms Alexis

Ms Alexis M., Early Preschool Teacher Little Butterflies

Ms Lillian

Ms. Lillian G., Early Preschool Teacher Big Butterflies

Ms Ela

Ms. Graciela A., Pre-K teacher Sunflower Class

Ms Esther

Ms. Esther I., Toddler Program, Caterpillar Class

Ms Melissa

Ms. Melissa C., Preschool and Toddler Teacher

Ms Julie

Ms. Julie H., Lead Infant Teacher, Cocoon Class

Ms. Kashifa I., Special Needs

Ms. Lauren B. , Substitute Teacher

Ms. Isabel L., Assistant Teacher