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21 responses to “Parent Testimonies”

  1. We decided to enroll our child at Cindi’s Child Care Center because of positive feedback from other families, the cleanliness, the friendliness of the other children, and the outgoing positive attitudes of Cindi and Michelle. What we like most about Cindi’s Child Care Center is the structured environment and amount of personal attention our child receives.

  2. I wanted a child care rather than a “center”, at the time I was needing child care for my 1yr old, I met with Cindi and knew she was the right person to watch my child. Cindi now watches my two girls, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Cindi’s Child Care Center is the best environment my girls can be in.

  3. My child was having trouble in public child care, he wasn’t getting the one-on-one teaching direction that he needed. We were referred to Cindi, we couldn’t of ever been happier. My child was having trouble with speech and they took the time to teach him proper speech one-on-one. We are so thankful for Cindi, she is a blessing.

  4. I admire Cindi’s Child Care Center for the passion they have for children. I can tell that they genuinely care for the well being of my child in all aspects. I love how I know when I drop off my child they’re in the best care…It’s really a great feeling. Another one of my favorite things is the cute little pictures they make and the pictures Cindi and Michelle take (of the children with the camera). These are things I will treasure for a lifetime. Words cant express, I feel they are a part of my family! thanks so much.

  5. When I found Cindi I was the happiest grandma ever, keep up the good work I know you will. Cindi even helped with potty training! She is a gift, I am ever so relieved there are individuals such as herself out there that are so genuine and loving.

  6. I had a friend whose kids had attended Cindi’s Childcare, and she highly recommended them. After meeting with Cindi and Michelle, I felt comfortable with them and what they offered. I also appreciated the fact that Cindi has been running her program for many years and clearly knows what she is doing. I love that the center feels like home. Leaving my kids was a challenge for me and it made me feel so much better to see the way that Cindi and Michelle genuinely loved them. Now I know that when they go there, it is like sending them off to a second home full of love, safety and connection.

  7. We looked at quite a few centers and we just felt good about this one. Staff is friendly, good activities and it felt more like a home than just dropping her off and not knowing for sure she was being taken care of. I like the activities, food and staff most about this center!

  8. I wanted the girls to go to a daycare where it was personal and a home type environment. The staff is wonderful and caring just what the girls need. The activities and the interaction with the girls not to mention the staff is what we like most about Cindi’s.

  9. My son couldn’t speak well and wasn’t quiet yet potty trained when he first came to Cindi and Michelle. At time went by he started blossoming. It seemed like he knew so much that I knew I could not take credit for. I really appreciate the way they took the time with him as an individual. They are so good at what they do. By the time he went to kindergarten he was more than ready. The teacher never had any complaints. I couldn’t believe his report card when I saw “outstanding reports”.He had a very excellent kindergarten report and is well prepared for first grade. I owe it all to Cindy and Michelle for their time and dedication to his young mind. He received the most loving, knowledgeable and excellent care. I love that Cindi’s feels like family to me. They truly care about him in every possible way. I highly recommend this child care for anyone who wants loving women who genuinely care for your children.

  10. I was looking for part time care and referred by someone who had loved CC’s when she had her kids at your center. I like that all of the kids are taught to be independent doers and thinkers. You allow them to try things, by learning by trial and error. They are encouraged to make choices (good ones, hopefully), rather than being constantly told what to do. I also love the multicultural learning environment and that they are exposed to various cultures, holiday celebrations, ect…

  11. We joined because of the convenient location, to support a local family business and the values of the Center. Also, I need the hours of a daycare with the “schooling” or a preschool. I like the enthusiasm of the staff and the cleanliness of the facility.

  12. We joined CC’s because of the raving reviews from another parent who had their child at CC’s. While visiting the children all seemed very happy and social and my baby immediately liked Cindi. He got fussy and she grabbed him and put him at ease. Cindi and Michelle were very upfront and explained all of the baby exercises they do to help their kids develop physically. I felt good about leaving my young baby in good hands knowing that he would be loved, cared for and developed physically and socially. I love that everyday my baby goes to daycare he comes home doing something new. Cindi has the ability to push babies to do things that most of us do nor think they are capable of . IN addition I love the family atmosphere. All of the teachers care for the kids as if they were their own!

  13. Sending my child to CC’s was one of the best decisions we’ve made! The staff and Director are amazing people with a huge heart! We love and enjoy CC’s. The facilities of the Camps are so wonderful. It’s designed as a child-friendly place. The spacious playground with large trees.

  14. We decided to join CC’s in their growth to the new school because of your ethics, values and professionalism when it comes to daycare and taking care of our little ones. We liked how you ran your in-home daycare, the years of experience MS. Cindi brought to the table 🙂 and the young blood, energy and motivation Ms. Michelle was able to bring to the table 🙂 Anyways, location (Check), Space to run and go wild (check), fees (check), and hours (check). Side note: So far we like your staff too! they’re mice, friendly and welcoming 🙂

  15. Ninnie was the reason I wanted R there. Since she is a mom, she knows what it’s like for us parents to leave our kids. She was nurturing and caring from day one to R. Ninnie made me learn to trust R with others…even those who aren’t moms themselves. I like that everyone truly cares for the kids and wants to be there. After Ninnie nurtured R into a toddler Michelle & Ms. Sheilas have been a great transition. You teach R and encourage her to Master things I couldn’t dream she was old enough to do. I believe the center has given Rachel knowledge and confidence that will always stay with her.

  16. We visited a lot of places and the center seemed the most caring and the staff actually had a love for what they do. CC’ s is close to home, good rates and good hours. Wyatt liked it from his very first day. We love the staff!! So easy to talk to and seems like they care so much for W. I feel like he never feels alone. Other parents seem friendly and we love getting a Daily Report this makes us feel like we aren’t missing out too much!!

  17. We interviewed at four centers. CC’s is very reasonably priced. Cindi and Michelle had a motherly, caring vibe that we didn’t see elsewhere. We love K’s teachers, clean, organized, plenty of activities, arts and crafts. Teachers very involved with child development (thank you for helping K learn to walk!!).

  18. We were looking for something in Brea that was not a chain-daycare, but offered a structured curriculum that was not religious. CC’s was opening right around the time we were looking, plus T had attended day care at the same facility when he was a child. The center always appears clean and the staff has been great. I’v observed the staff dealing with difficult situations, and they handle the children (mine included) in a calm manner. They truly care about the children. I also love all of the fun activities and dress up days they do.

  19. To be honest, if given the option, I would choose to have my children home with me every day, playing with them in the sunshine, cuddling them when they are tired, kissing every booboo. There is a heartbreak that happens in me every time I leave them to go to work.

    But there is a comfort to me to know that people who love my children are looking out for them. That you guys are teaching them to be kind, and patient, and respectful, at the same time proclaiming a holy yes to things like shoes full of wood chips, and studying grass, and hands in play dough. That you have declared war on things like confinement in pack-and-plays. My children run and play and get dirty and learn and come home happy every day. They sing the songs they’ve learned and talk about the friends they have.

    And I know that my babies are being held and loved and taught by people who started as strangers to them and who have become an extension of our family.

    I am grateful.

  20. I felt M was ready to learn new things and met new friends, so we enrolled to CC’s. I love the weekly pictures his teacher takes showing his active participation in class and activities. We also love the Daily Reports we get and all of the teachers here.

  21. We joined CC’s Center because we were looking for a preschool environment where we felt that the was warm and nurturing. In addition, with having more than one child enrolled, tuition was also a factor and we felt that CC’s was reasonable for our three children. Our kids are the best testimonies for what we like most about CC’s. They come home happy and eager to tell us about their daily activities and their teachers. I like that the school is actively involved with the BOUSD and the Brea community. I also like the warm, nurturing environment and the genuine caringness and open communication with the staff. Ron particularly likes that the girls are being developmentally and educationally challenged (rather than being in front of a TV all day) and the fact that the Center serves healthy snacks.

    We were recommended by a co-worker to come check out CC’s. The tuition rates are competitive and the teachers are very personable and genuinely care about the kids. O’s potty training was successful! We really liked the curriculum and how she was learning new things as early as two years old.

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